Around the cottage....

Spring is the time of year where I either go on a organizing rampage, or things get moved and rearranged.  This year it is a bit of both, but I love how you can suddenly see a space differently.

I took the big map down.  Love the map, but the colours were all wrong for this space.  Muted blacks and creams.  Keeping with that for this room.  The space on the wall is empty....for now.

The herbs are still growing, but I've noticed that in the window they need more water than usual.

My settee is now in the bedroom.  The rattan pb style chair is still for sale.

Working on a new piece at the shop using MMS in yellow.  Love.

 Today I will finish up two nightstands to match.

The weather here has been just beautiful.  I love being outside all day working in my little shop.  I sleep like a rock and feel refreshed the next day.

Have a lovely Thursday :)

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  1. How is your shop assistant working out? Haven't heard much on her in a while.


Thanks so much for popping in. I appreciate all of your lovely comments...Tricia