One little word...

I decided a long time ago that resolutions for the new year were just too detailed for my liking.  Last year's word was "togetherness", and honestly the year couldn't have played out any further from that word.  I had a falling out with my mother, my daughter moved out to live with her dad and I rarely hear from my oldest son.  It was the year of loss in my opinion, but out of that loss I became closer to my husband, Sara and youngest son.  Togetherness did happen, just not in the way I had anticipated.

This years little word is "explore".  One of the reasons we moved/down-sized was to free ourselves up financially so that we could travel more.  I've taken a few small trips this year- alone, and Travis is planning a trip with Hunter in the spring.  We are paying off our remodeling costs, but have plans for more travels once that is payed off this year.   Explore is more than just traveling to me, it's looking at things in a different way and recognizing beauty and opportunity because I have intentionally slowed down the pace of life.  I no longer lead a rushed and busy life style.  Mornings are slower, days are intentional and evenings are enjoyed.  I guess I've been exploring for the past three years, and in doing so I've found a happier pace- a happier place.

What is your one little word for 2015?


  1. thanks for keeping it real.....i enjoy your blog and love your style....i chose some words last year for 2014 on my blog....and after reading your blog this morning...i decided i was going to keep it real on my blog too....i would love for you to visit and see how you inspired me.....thanks again tricia...linda

  2. Thanks for keeping it honest. I love your blog and keep up the good work!

  3. I just finished my last day at work today before starting a new journey as a stay at home mom (as soon as my baby girl decides to show up!) Since I am going to be a first time mom within the next couple of weeks, I'd say that my little word for 2015 is "relish", and not the condiment! I want to relish this time that I get to spend with my daughter this next year!

  4. You had a year of change. So sorry about the things that happen.
    I see my mother but it isn't a good relationship.
    I see my son and his family pulling away from the rest of us. It's hard. I had a friend tell me today that I should stand up and say more about it. I have and it doesn't
    Help. We are have a quick Christmas exchange tomorrow . Families can be complicated.
    Sending you a big (((Hug))))

  5. I love that you keep it "real" and I would also like to know the name of the book you had started reading (something about not living large or something to that effect). My word for the year is "gratitude" as I need to practice this more. I have so much to be thankful for, but find that I forget that at times!

    1. Thank you! The book is The Not So Big House love it! Gratitude is everything, I find that waking up and looking around at what IS makes me so much more greatful and less wanting of more.


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