Adding character...

Let me just start this off by saying, Wow.  Seriously, it was so eye opening to me that I am not the only one in this type of family situation.  You look at other families and have no idea what is going on with them or that they might be experiencing the pain I've felt.  Some of you mentioned that I would get a phone call, and you were right- just as soon as that family member boarded the plane my phone rang.  I told them that I was hurt and I just couldn't do it anymore.  I don't think they get it or understand why I feel the way I do, but that is not my problem.  My feelings are valid and I am going to protect myself.
Thank you for the beautiful comments and well wishes- that meant so much to me.

Now on to some decorating stuff- because, hello!- fluffy fun ;)

Our fireplace started out as a mantel only deal.  Originally when the house was built the fireplace didn't have a mantel.  They were going for an authentic English fireplace- sans mantel.

If you follow me on Instagram all of my pictures are taken with a tilt.  This is because I cannot take a straight picture for the life of me!  This one is PROOF of that...
I had some chunky corbels that I had used in the last house over the bathroom window with a shelf...

If you are wanting some corbels like this, visit The Weathered Woodshop on Etsy.  These are not old corbels, but they are chunky, chippy and the shop owner is fabulous to work with.

We also used some of the vintage wood salvage I found on our last Roundtop trip to give the dining room window a little visual interest.  I knew I wasn't going to put curtains in this room, so a bit of chippy wood at the top of the window was perfect.

Thanks to Dorie from Tuesdays with Dorie, I had the chance to add one of her son's lovely range hoods to our kitchen.  It is by far my most favourite piece of vintage chippy character in our entire home...

Lamps made from old balusters are my favourite in our bedroom...

I'm still tweaking and adding bits to our tiny tudor to give it a bit of character and interest.  I'm planning another trip to Roundtop in the next few weeks for antique week, so I will be scouring the stands for wood salvage.  

I probably should get my tetanus vaccination updated before then...


  1. Love the fireplace and you home is looking fabulous.

  2. I love it all! Did you make the lamps or do you have a source? Thanx

  3. They are all gorgeous pieces and add such a great amount of character. Your rooms look lovely.

  4. Your house is looking so great!! I forgot to say in my comment on the previous post, that I love it when bloggers share about their lives. It's what connects us all. Fluffy pics are always great, but mixed with real life makes a connection.

  5. I love all your special touches. Love the look of the fireplace. I just wish our house would sell so we could move into the condo that is on hold for us.
    I have family issues as well. My mom to be direct. I am counted on for everything but my brother is the shinning knight. So hurtful. HUGS

  6. Don't expect this person to ever "get it" or understand your feelings. There are those people (they call them narcissists) who think only of their own feelings and needs. Protecting yourself and your family is NOT being selfish either!!

  7. Love the clock and the mantel. Oh what a great idea those lamps are in your bedroom. I have old balusters in the garage and saving them, now I know what they were meant for.

  8. We didn't make this fall to Roundtop. I'll have to catch up on my reading to see what you found


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