What makes you different...

Sara and her buddy, Sarah...

Yesterday Sara and her buddy participated in an all day training to become an Ambassador for the Best Buddies program.  She was assigned her own speech writer and they spent the afternoon talking and co-writing a speech.   They talked about what qualities Sara possessed and what Best Buddies means to her.

Here is her speech:

My   name   is    Sara ,   and   I   am   from   Houston,   Texas.    I    have   been   in   Best   Buddies   for   6   years,   and   now   I   am   a   Best  Buddies   Ambassador.

My   favourite   quote    is   “What   makes   you   different   is   what   makes   you   beautiful”.

Being   a   best   buddy   is   one   of   the   things   that   makes   me   different.  

Best   Buddies   teaches   us   to  celebrate  the   small  things.   To  find   the   happy  in   something   simple-  like  going  to   get   a   yogurt  with  a  friend,   or  catching   a   movie  on   a  rainy Saturday  afternoon.   

Best   Buddies   also  teaches  us   about  honesty  and  good  character.   I   see  people   for   who   they   are   on   the   inside.  I   don’t   care   about   what   clothes   someone  wears   or  how   they   dance,  as   long  as  they  are   a nice   person.  

I   have   Down   Syndrome.   It’s   what   makes   me   different,   but   it’s   also   what  makes   me beautiful.   It  makes  me  happy   to    meet   other   people   that   are   like  me  and   to  show   other   people  that   we    are   really   not   that  different.  

My  name  is   Sara,   and   I’d  like   for    each  of    you   to   think   about   what  makes   you   different,  and   what   makes   you   beautiful.      

Thank   you   for   seeing   the   beauty   in   me!

A HUGE part of what inspired this speech is the work that Sara is doing with The Happy Soul Project. The signs we create are so much more than just sayings painted on wood- they are heartfelt reminders of how Sara chooses to live her life, with happy, celebrating differences, and being a real friend.   Sara understands the key to living a happy life- live in the moment, celebrate the small things, and seeing people for who they really are.

Her differences make her downright beautiful...


  1. Sara is a beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing a small part of her with all of us through your blog. She is a little bit of sunshine on the rainy days I'm currently going through.

    1. I'm so sorry you are experiencing the rain. I'm going through a patch myself, but this girl- she makes my heart lighter. So glad that sharing her story is helping :)

  2. like we tell our boys all the time: different is good and how boring would the world be if we were all the same. thank you for reminding everyone to celebrate both our differences and our perfection in the way the good Lord made each of us in His eyes. I've been doing some soul work lately and had a very good friend of mine say this to me and it has resonated deep within my heart...she said "you are already enough." don't know why I just shared that but my heart told me to... :) not sure if that's for you or maybe for Chrissi but either way...hope you both have a lovely day.

    1. I so needed to hear that! I am already enough. We all are- yet we go about our lives "improving" "changing" etc. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. If only there were more people like your Sara in the world it would be a much better place. I love her quote. "What makes you different is what makes you beautiful." That is so true. You should make that into a sign and a sign that reads "you are already enough." I am forever trying to improve myself and for what because I am already enough! Thank you for the reminder Nancy and thank you for sharing your sweet girl with us.

    1. Exactly. She gets it while the rest of us are reading self help books and seeing therapists! I love the you are already enough sign idea. We are so doing that!!

  4. Love Love Love...Just catching up on your blog post lately....

  5. Oh My. Sara is smarter than most people. She's a beautiful young lady inside and out that's a given.
    Beautiful speech


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