It's funny how much "stuff" we can accumulate without even thinking about it.  I knew we had things we had to par down, but I was not seeing reality when I was looking at what we had.  Pots, pans, plates, furniture, artwork, knick knacks- so many things that I really didn't need or love.   Stuff we simply owned.  I felt like I had been paying for storage for a bunch of nothing.

Usually we are moved in by day two and I am already hanging things on the walls.  This move has been different, because I am holding each item and asking:

1. Do I need it?

2. Do I love it?

Most of the time the answer is NO, and as I'm looking around I love that my eyes are only resting on what we love and need.  The look is more refined, less cluttered, and I don't have something stuck somewhere just to have someplace to put it.

I ended up moving the fan, getting rid of one of our sofas and moving the recliner to the other side of the room.

The walls are much more sparse- I don't feel the need to hang a lot.  I am loving the white empty spaces and how clean it all feels.   Most of what I have hung up has been in the living room.  The hallways, dining room and entry are more scarcely decorated.

I am also finding that my style is yet again changing.  Less clutter, cleaner lines.  More of a modern farmhouse style.  I have a cabinet of collections that I may begin to par down as well.

The biggest challenge so far has been where to store paperwork.  We had a library with two large file drawers.  We are going to need a slimmer console for under the television- which Travis will build.  I am thinking we will incorporate a file drawer into it for all the papers.  Since it's close to the computer desk and where we pay bills it will be convenient.

This process has been good for us.  It feels healthy to size down and only keep the things we need and love.

It feels like home.


  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel! People laughed, mocked and scorned when I purchase my Little Bitty Houze, but I LOVE it! Of course I do not share it with children, so it is easier. I love what you've done! Congrats to you and Travis! You "done" good!

  2. I feel the same! I am just not brining stuff home!!! laura

  3. Tricia, It is looking fabulous! We downsized as well last year. And although it has it's challenges, I would absolutely never go back!
    Looking forward to seeing more of what you will share! xoxo, shannon

  4. Great post! I think your townhouse is looking wonderful. Five years ago, we also downsized from a 2,800 sq. foot home with a three-car garage and additional storage to a 950 sq. ft. townhouse. We moved from the west coast to the Midwest and only used one POD to move what we were taking. That means we got rid of a ton of things before we moved, and a ton after we arrived! My biggest challenge is not paperwork but where to store my many photo albums. (Our four children are grown, and we now have grandchildren too.) I have to tuck them on various closet shelves inside in a dryer environment rather than the garage storage.

    We LOVE living smaller.

  5. I have really enjoyed reading about your downsizing process. I know that it is something we will do eventually but not yet. My parents downsized when they were 55 and bought a two bedroom condo. However, my siblings and I were just starting or already had a few kids and over time their place became too cramped for everyone to feel comfortable. So, we will downsize but not until the kiddos have bought their own homes big enough to accommodate a large gathering. It's been fun for me to ask myself the same questions you have about needing or loving an item. I went through my house in the spring, every closet,drawer, nook and cranny and removed everything that didn't fit that criteria. I was ashamed that it took two trips to goodwill to get rid of all I had thought I needed at one time. Ugh! Now I try to be much more present when I'm deciding if I should buy something.

  6. I forgot to mention that I'm in love with your kitchen and that amazing cabinet in your living room! Both are beautiful!

  7. Since moving into my 936 sq ft urban cottage my #1 question to myself is ~ DO I LOVE IT??? I have a closet in each bedroom and that's the only storage I have. I'm in the processing of getting rid of more of my things and thinking of ways to maximize the space here. Your place is looking beautiful and I love what you have done with the kitchen :)


Thanks so much for popping in. I appreciate all of your lovely comments...Tricia