Building open shelving...

When we originally designed our kitchen we thought that the open shelves would have corbels.  Until we started pricing them.  Honestly, we knew how expensive they were because when we were renovating the kitchen in one of our other homes we opted to build them ourselves because of the price.

Since we couldn't find ones we liked, and time was an issue- we opted to do freestanding shelves without the support of corbels.  Now I've shared many times how when Travis designs and builds something it is usually to the standard of being able to withstand a hurricane- or a typhoon.  These are  no different.

He began by purchasing long metal plates and lag bolts and attaching them to the walls in the center of what would eventually be the shelf.  Levels are important here!

He then attached them to the wall using the lag bolts.

Then he attached L brackets to the ends of the metal plates...

Using panels of wood he made what I kept calling a "shelf sammich"...

Holes were drilled to attach the wood shelves to the metal...

Then the bottom half of the sammich was put up and bolted onto the metal pieces...

The two pieces were then trimmed out using 1x3's in pine, pookied, and sanded...

A few coats of oil based paint ensures that they will hold up to dishes being placed and removed from the shelves without harm.  This construction ensured that they wouldn't bow and would hold up to the weight of heavy glassware.

And quite possibly a hurricane...


  1. GORGEOUS!!!!!! Awesome job Travis!

  2. Emma Bridgewater!
    It looks gorgeous-beautifully done!

  3. Great project and super tutorial too. I love his idea, these look super cool and sturdy. Love your display too.

  4. Wow, those look so solid and I love how they are chunky. Your kitchen peek is gorgeous.

  5. beautiful! love your countertops too!

  6. Your shelves are beautiful, and your husband is brilliant!


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