The wood floors and tile are going in today.  To be perfectly honest, I was so sure about the wood choice when we made it, but now that it's sitting in the house I am a bit unsure.  That is an unsettling feeling, and I am thinking it is somehow related to the past emotions I've been feeling this week.  Funny how something rocks your confidence and it then spills over into other areas of your life.

Who knew that thinking about hardwood floors could lead to nights of insomnia?  Silly, I know.

But today they go in and I am sure it will all look fine- and I will laugh at my OCD tendencies later.


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  1. They will be perfect and you will laugh. :)

  2. Our floors in our bayside cottage just went in - a smoky grey sort of colour. I too was in a panic as there seemed so much more variation than I imagined. Now it is done I am content. So ... Stay calm AND make sure they know that you don't want a certain colour to be a centre feature!

    Will return to see how it went
    Regards from BC Canada Janine

  3. It will be fabulous!! You've got that magic touch, everything you touch turns to gold!!!!

  4. I always second guess my self ! The first choice is the right choice - you will love them when they are in !

  5. No pics of the flooring on Instagram ... I'm starting to worry that you didn't like them after all??

    1. LOL! No, we had a wedding to go to last night, and the flooring guy didn't end up showing until today. Pics soon, promise!


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