Tiny master bathroom...

The neighborhood we are moving to is the neighborhood I grew up in after moving here from Puerto Rico.  The homes were built in the late 60's to early 70's for the astronauts and employees of NASA.  It is a waterfront community and I love the small town feel of it.   I've lived in many houses and noticed that in the 90's builders started making bathrooms bigger- as in "I could host a dinner party in the loo!" bigger.

Our little tiny tudor bathroom is what I expected it to be- very tiny.  Utilitarianism at it's finest.

Not to mention original to the house- old, dirty, in need of gutting and renovation.

Here's the plan after gutting it:

Install a small corner mount wall sink and skirt it for storage underneath...

Via Lowes
This will open up the toilet area a bit.  In a space this small every extra inch counts!

I love the skirting of a sink.  It adds so much softness and makes the sink look like more than a floating piece of ceramic on the wall.

Via A Country Farmhouse
A pretty mirror/medicine cabinet for over the sink for extra storage...

via Pottery Barn 

The shower area is actually a decent size, but that large slider door really blocks off the room to make it feel much smaller.  We are going to open it up and install a seamless glass door that will open in rather than open out.  The shower will have small Carrara tiles on the floor and white glass subway tile to bounce some light about the tiny room.

via Houzz.com
Seamless glass shower door...

Via DecorPad

The floor tile will be black linen tile.  This will ground the all cream/white going on in the room.  I was joking around with our tile source and told them we may only need three tiles to cover the entire room...

The walls will be a creamy white as will the rest of the tiny house.  We are going with Sherwin Williams White Duck.   I am going to use the same colour on the walls, ceilings and trim- eggshell on the walls and satin on the trim.  Light and bright!

This tiny room will need a shade on the window and I am planning on using a Roman shade that matches the French Linen ones in our master bedroom.

via RH baby and child
One of the advantages we are quickly finding is that because the spaces we are renovating are small, we can afford to use higher end materials and finishes.  Again, going back to quality over quantity in a home.  I'm in the middle of reading The Not So Big Life- and it is a game changer.  I am looking at what I am hanging on to as far as "stuff" and what I really need to create a home for our family.  I know a lot of people have messaged me or commented on Instagram asking if I am sad to leave our cottage behind, but the truth is I am not sad at all.  This is an adventure and I know that sizing down, paring down and simplifying is going to have a huge impact on how we feel and live.  

It's all good :)


  1. Your ideas for the bathroom sound lovely. Looking forward to the reveal. Our home is not huge compared to most homes in our neighbourhood but certainly more than we need, or will choose in our next home.

  2. I can't wait to see what you do with this new home! I love that medicine cabinet/mirror you linked to. Just gorgeous!!

  3. going to order that book right now. love your plan for the bathroom and cant wait to see its reveal :)

  4. Is it too early to start requesting some "after" pictures? I told you I'm impatient. :) Seriously though, I'm on pins and needles over here.

  5. I've been away from my laptop for a few days and I've been thinking about you. I was wondering what's the square footage in your new home. Have you told us and I missed it? Hope all is going well. Hugs!

  6. ooh i loove frameless shower doors. i just had one put in (reveal coming later this week!) and it looks so nice and makes a small bathroom feel HUGE!

  7. Hm, I need to read that book. So excited for you. Nothing like a new adventure!


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