This weekend we packed up the kid's rooms and tackled the pantry.  Apparently 2011 was a good year...for spices to expire.  This just reaffirms my mission to keep only what we need/use on hand and NO more.  To my trash men, I apologize in advance.  The bags, they are many.

Even while packing I am seeing that we have far too much for this new smaller space of ours.  We are going to have to edit, and I am determined that nothing will get unpacked if there isn't a use for it or we don't love it.   For those of you who are local to me plan on a sale sometime in July.  A lot will be going!

Quality over quantity.  I began reading Sarah Susanka's The Not So Big Life and it's one of those books where I find myself shaking my head "YES" a lot and making the fist pump of agreement.   It's like she got into my head and put everything I was thinking into a book.

I thought I would share another charming shot of our soon to be tiny tudor townhouse.  This is the kid's bathroom- my favourite feature?  That lovely diamond corner window.  Swoon-worthy.

Real Estate photo

The plans are to gut this bathroom and replace the yellow tile with white subway tile on the walls and shower, with a dark large subway tile on the floor.  We will use a dresser converted with a sink as the vanity area, then add a lovely mirror and light fixture.  The room will get a fresh coat of paint as well.

But that window- she stays right where she is.  


  1. I hope everything is going well for you and your move! Love the window too!

  2. Fun times..it is so freeing! What year is the townhouse?

  3. I love moving.
    We have moved eight times and we are getting the itch to move soon. We have lived in our home eight years and will probably be here for another three until our youngest graduates from high school. When we do move we will be downsizing. I look forward to reading on how you downsize and how you remodel your new home.
    Love the window glad it is staying.

    1. Do you know how rare it is to meet someone who loves moving? I have always loved it, even though we only moved twice as a kid. I like the change, a new space, decorating challenges, all of it!

    2. I know my friends and family think I'm crazy. I love change. Probably why I'm always moving furniture around our house.

  4. wow! that's a cute window! can't wait to see what you do with this space, and the whole house!!

  5. Oh, I need to find that book. I just downsized to a 725 square foot patio home. The bonus was the big fenced in patio because I love to garden and have two Yorkies. I know what you mean about keeping what you need.

  6. Love the corner diamond windows! Sweet! I love moving also, kind of a gypsy soul. We are looking at a townhouse in Las Vegas and I am excited to see what you do with yours!


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