Everyone knows that the best way to teach or parent is to model the behavior that you want to see imitated. I've followed Janet over at The Gardener's Cottage for quite a while now.  I am not vegan, nor would I ever want to walk away from a good cheeseburger, but her style of living simply and paring down really speaks to me.  I don't know to what extent I can implement a similar lifestyle, but the modeling she has shown on her blog and the tips and tricks she shares make me think that we can try.
I find lately that I am drawn to something more pared down, simple, streamlined and clutter free.  I know we are organized over here, but really- there is just too much stuff for me lately.

Instead of finding ways to cram more in, I want to clear things out.  Purge and lighten up.   I think that is why I enjoy the process of moving.  It forces you to reconsider what you have and let go of what no longer works or you no longer need.

I've already started in my own closet.  Letting go of things I never wear.  Pieces that just sit and collect dust.  Bags and shoes that are never used.  Someone out there will appreciate and use those things, and I'd rather let them go than hang on to them on the off chance I will use it.

Over the next few weeks I will post our packing process as well as our weeding out process.  I plan to sell, donate and give pieces to friends and family.  I want to focus on what we really need versus strategizing a way to fit all of our "stuff" into a small space.  The goal is to live simpler.

I'm liking how that sounds.


  1. Your blog has become one of my top 5 :) When I lighten up and pare down my blog list yours always stays at the top. Originally for your quilt posts but then because I just love your breezy peaceful feeling that comes thru your posts. Thank you!!
    xoxo melzie

    1. That just made my week! Thank you so much for putting me at your top five :)

  2. The Gardener's Cottage has me thinking as well. What am I doing with all this stuff, why would I ever need 4 shovels, two of which I have never used and only have because a neighbour said do you want these shovels and I didn't want to offend them. Janet's blog had me looking around my home with a different view on things. A lot of stuff I have because someone gave it to me, it was free or on special. There will be a 50c each garage sale at the end of my purging. Did you see her wardrobe (I'm an Aussie) ... how freeing would that be. All the best with your move and here's to living with less.

    1. Exactly! We hang on to most of this stuff out of guilt, obligation, or just thinking that it is somehow emotionally attached to another person. Her wardrobe is AMAZING. I did a deep purge (stage 1) of my own closet yesterday. I pitched so many things, shoes especially, that I just don't wear. They are lovely things, but I would feel better if someone was actually using them. I felt so much lighter as I crawled into my bed last night!

  3. I came over to say hello after seeing your Caramel Banana Pie on Virginia's blog, and I'm so glad I did! You have a beautiful spot here, and this post resonates with me. We moved a year ago and I'm still struggling with simplifying. In some ways I feel as though much progress has been made, yet other days have me itching to purge more.
    I wrote about it here http://jennsrandomscraps.blogspot.ca/2013/03/moving-discoveries-and-process-of.html.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I'm off to check out the Gardener's Cottage :)


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