I emailed Julia from Hooked on Houses back when we were listing our little cottage for sale.  I adore her blog, and it is one of my first reads of the day- every day.  Imagine my surprise when I clicked over this morning and saw my own cottage staring back at me!  Julia wrote a lovely feature, which you can see here.

Thank you, Julia, and to all of you who have left lovely comments encouraging and congratulating us.

We are so very excited to be starting this new adventure!


  1. just saw your home on HOH...beyond lovely. adding you to my daily blog roll so that I can witness your new adventure :)


  2. I, too, spied your cottage on Hooked on Houses this a.m.
    I am the one who commented about not seeing any Dachsie photos in the post . . .
    . . . but of course, it didn't take long for me to spy one, after I moseyed over here to your blog!
    Love Dachshunds!
    Meanwhile, good luck with your new project; ours is now in Year #2, not that anyone's counting. :-X

    1. Ha! That made me laugh- we do love our weenies :) I will have to check out your renovations!

  3. I, too, just found you through HOH and am so glad I did. Lovely blog, Tricia. You are bookmarked!

  4. I am an avid reader of Hooked on Houses and saw your lovely home!. I'm American and currently living in London. I Love, love love all of the south east London bus routes and towns you have on your walls!! I would totally do something like that if we ever moved back to the USA. Best wishes in your new home!!

    1. I adore London! I used to travel there with my dad quite a bit. Living in England is my "someday" dream :)


Thanks so much for popping in. I appreciate all of your lovely comments...Tricia