Change of plans...

Over the past few weeks, since this whole let's list our house and move to who knows where thing began, we were really thinking moving to a town-home would be the perfect choice.  Then our dream was to purchase a small farmhouse in the hill country when we retire in twenty or so years...

Until we stumbled across this little gem last night:

It's a 1923 farmhouse located in the historic district near where we live now.  Oh my heavens to Betsy, the porches, the windows, the vintage goodness.  It's all there, and oddly enough it is smaller than the original town-home we were looking at.  This house comes in at 1400 square feet- and is UNDER the budget for what we were looking at spending on the town-home.


At least I hope so.  I am going to look at it this morning with our realtor and throw a bid in.  Fingers crossed that they will accept our bid and we can work out a smooth transition closing from this home to the next.

Because that happens, right?  ;)


  1. I am loving living vicariously on your journey :D good luck!
    xoxo melzie

  2. Best of luck!! Sounds like a total gem! Can't wait for more.....share your dream

  3. I selfishly hope you get the house so I can watch you transform it.

    Good Luck!

  4. Oh wow how exciting. Best of luck!

  5. That sounds dreamy! Good luck on this one. :)

  6. how fun! sounds perfect!!! hoping it woks out for you guys!

  7. I LOVE the area you're talking about!! :)))) I hope you get this one!!

  8. Oh how exciting. I like the house idea


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