Dear Sara,

    Today is the day you turn 22 years old.  Like all of your birthdays, you've been counting it down since Christmas.  In your eyes your birthday is like every holiday rolled into one with fireworks and a parade.   We celebrate all week and sing happy birthday to you as many times as we please, because we know what this day means to you.  It's your day- your very special day.

   Last night kicked off the first of the celebrations this week.  While you and William laughed and talked over fish tacos at our favourite waterfront joint, we sat back and watched a very confident young woman enjoy her date night.   A far cry from the image I was given 22 years ago, described by a series of what you would never do.  To say that "you showed them" is a major understatement- so we show them right back every year by celebrating...

You totally live life.  You experience it in high definition, you find the happy in all you do and squeeze every ounce of fun from an event that you can.  You jump in feet first, you participate with enthusiasm and the fact that I get to witness it as your mom is an honor and a privilege.

You, my sweet girl, are a rockstar in your own right.  You are living the life that others dream of and embracing it with gusto.   You find the happy in the now and see life for all that it offers you.  While others search for the key to happiness, you are walking around with it around your neck on a gold chain.  

Party on...



  1. Beautiful...Happy Happy Day Sara- So very happy to have you and your momma as friends...

  2. Happy Birthday Sara! Enjoy your special week!

  3. awe! happy birthday to your girl! looks like a wonderful day!!! :)

  4. Just lovely. Everyone should aim to be Sara when they grow up,
    embracing each day and celebrating life with gusto! Love that she
    shares my b-day week....mine was on the 14th : ) Happy Birthday,
    sweet Sara, and congrats to Mom & Dad, too!!!

    xo Suzanne


Thanks so much for popping in. I appreciate all of your lovely comments...Tricia