End the R word...

Someone once asked me why using the R word was such a big deal, and who did it really hurt anyway?

I get it.  It's "just" a word, but words have a way of winding their way into your psyche and defining you, degrading you, becoming you.  Words matter, and the use of the R word- retard or retarded in reference to someone else is hateful and it is an insult.  The word literally means "to slow", but used in it's derogatory form it is a way of letting someone know that they are less than, not as good as, in short- that they are stupid.

My Sara is far from any of those things.   She is also smart enough to know when a word is aimed at insulting her, as I imagine it is for many other people who hear the R word casually thrown around.

So today take the pledge to stop using the R word.   Speak up when you hear others say it and calmly explain why it's wrong, why it hurts, and why they should stop.   And if they ask you who it really hurts, show them a picture of my daughter, Sara.

Because like our mommas taught us, if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all.


  1. My niece has a mental disability,
    so we've always been very strict
    with our kids about how this word,
    even thrown around in jest, is hurtful
    to their cousin. I think if everyone
    knew someone personally who this
    word would hurt, it would change

    xo Suzanne

    1. I so agree! Putting a face to it and personalizing it makes all the difference.

  2. My goodness...Sara is so lovely. What a marvelous person she must be. It is such a shame that people are often so hurtful and unaware.

  3. Thank you for this post. I have corrected many people when I have heard them using this word. It's offensive and hurtful and cruel. Sometimes it's spoken out of sheer ignorance, but nevertheless, we must educate those who don't know better. Your daughter is beautiful.



Thanks so much for popping in. I appreciate all of your lovely comments...Tricia