Doorknobs and broomsticks...

Let me begin by saying that I will not be doing anything crafty with a broomstick in this post.  I just liked how it sounded with doorknobs, kind of a throwback to bedknobs and broomsticks.  Yes, I'm hokey like that.

Travis and I love to add bits of vintage to our home, and one of the easiest ways to do that is with the door hardware.  These knobs work best with dummy doors, but we do have working sets on our library doors- although those are reproduction knobs which have the correct modern day hardware and dimensions for today's doors.  The other knobs?  Not so much.  There is quite a bit of finagling and rigging that goes into installing the older knobs.

These are our kitchen pantry doors...

Last weekend we visited one of my favourite shops in Houston for old hardware- Adkins Architectural Supply.  We found these beauties to add to the dummy doors in Sara's lounge room...

I love the chippy paint on the plates and there is even a hint of pink in them.  Travis picked out the glass knobs and they are lovely with their clear glass and starburst pattern deep in the center.  Part of my love of these pieces is imagining the doors they opened and closed and the lives that were lived in those homes.  They are heavy and sometimes ornate, but so simple in their beauty and design- kind of how I envision life back then.

First we had to remove the old hardware.  Ugh to ugly unpainted circles on doors...although it does look a bit like a face...

A bit of chalk paint added.  That's the lovely thing about that paint- you just pop it on, give it a bit of wax and Ta-Da!  Blending.  It's a good thing...

Then it was time to add a bit of hardware to attach the new knob with.  These are dummy doors, so it wasn't necessary to have all the working hardware.   We used elevator bolts.  No idea why they are called that.  Lowe's carries them.  Not sure if they actually carry elevators as well...

Then it's time to pop on the pretty back plate and position it where you want it.  I swear over the years Travis and I have developed a secret language of "over a smidge", "up a smoodge", "back over to the left a scosh"  Yeah.  Old love.

A simple and fun way to add a bit of vintage charm to doors that are only there to look pretty ;)


  1. OMG, why have I not thought of this to replace the puny knobs on our bi-fold closet doors in the guest rooms. Now I will be looking for old door knobs or something like them.

  2. Have been searching for vintage knobs that I like and it is hard to get pretty plates. We have plans to replace the knobs on 'dummy ' doors as well. Now you have lit the fire under me...

  3. That's such a neat idea. We want to do that in some spots in our house too. Thanks for showing how you did it.

  4. Your knobs are very nice and they look great against the door! Beautiful plates too, love the rustic against the sparkle!

  5. Love those plates and knobs Tricia, what a great idea to add character to your home and doors! I miss living in Texas, such great shopping there. I have never thought to chalk paint the doors, need to try that too!

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Thanks so much for popping in. I appreciate all of your lovely comments...Tricia