Cottage garden...

Our little house is pretty simple, so I like the gardens and porch to be the same.  Most of the furniture is thrifted, found or made and that suits us just fine.  Instead of flower beds that wrap the house and yard, we have two simple corner beds and a porch of various potted plants with an herb garden.

Travis just finished up laying the slate on the porch this past weekend...

Yesterday we he got out into the beds and did a bit of sprucing along with hanging the feeder/planter.

A trip to Home Depot to gather a few plants...

Even for Texas, the recent weather was rough.  I was so excited to go outside and see these blooms on our Meyer lemon trees.  Hopefully they will produce some lemons this year!

This is the back corner bed on the right side.  It has a hummingbird bush and a couple of Iris'.  We just trimmed it out with a few pink and blue flowering plants...

In the opposite corner bed is our pink Crepe Myrtle.  Travis planted some bulbs a while back and they are starting to come up...

We also added a few seed patches of lavender and chives...

 Under the Crepe Myrtle is our memory rock for George & Gracie.  They died after ingesting part of a Sago Palm.  Those plants are very popular in our area, but also toxic.  We had no idea or we never would have had one in our yard.  Putting them down was one of the most painful things my husband and I have ever had to do.  I cried for months.

The mint still peeks up here and there.  I pretty much let it run amuck.  You never know when you may want a snip for a recipe or lemonade...

Then there are the patio pots.  I am a garden in a pot kinda gal.  Low mess and little fuss...

That's what's going on out back.   It was so lovely to spend the day outside- even if I was just doing a lot of pointing out to Travis where things needed to go and taking pictures ;)


  1. Your garden is very pretty and I love your new porch, really looks good. Travis did an excellent job.
    I have been in the garden also and i love it.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Finally we have some not freezing temps- so glad you are out and enjoying the fine weather too!

  2. I'm not a gardener at all, but I sure enjoy your lovelies. The potting shed and the galvanized watering cans are fabulous.

  3. Looks all so springy. We are so far away from this. We aren't supposed to plant until the week after Mothers Day.
    So sad about your pups. How awful. I am so sorry.

  4. Your outdoor areas look lovely and that potting bench is so pretty. We are still deep under snow and I'm longing for Spring. Thanks for sharing a hint of nice weather.


Thanks so much for popping in. I appreciate all of your lovely comments...Tricia