Yesterday was lovely- I had the best time with my family, which included all four of my kids, and with teens it's something harder to orchestrate than a Kardashian wedding these days.   Between riding the rides, talking, walking the boardwalk and sitting down for a long lunch- it was in short, a perfect day.

My family will be the first to tell you that I spend way too much time on-line, on my phone- instagramming and blogging.  I admit it too.  I try to adhere to having the phone put away during meals and tv time, but other than that- I am plugged in 24/7.   I guess it's my desire to document, to capture these moments of my kids growing up, and away from me.   To capture the beauty I see in our cottage, not because it's the most glamourous or beautiful, but because I have made such an effort to be in the now and to soak it all up, that it really is the most lovely place I can imagine being.

My word for the new year was "togetherness", and three months in I can honestly say that we are following through like nobody's business.  But in that togetherness there is something else that is bubbling to the surface- authenticity.  It's been real here lately, with me, the kids, my husband- in a way that I didn't expect, but makes total sense given all the "togetherness" we have experienced.

I have so many things I want to write about, share, explain, and hopefully inspire others who are in the same boat, but feel like putting it out there would be too honest- too authentic.   The blog, it is changing.  It is going to be more me, more sharing- more authenticity.  Don't worry though, a huge part of who I am, who we are- is DIY, design, redoing, changing, and revision.  I just want to balance it out with some of what I struggle with, where I've been and where I am going.

As my grandma used to say, "Sometimes you just gotta put yourself out there."

Here goes...


  1. Funny that your blog post "Authenticity" fell just below my post "The Risk of Authenticity". I look forward to more of YOU on your blog. I love all the great things you have to share about your beautiful home and your sweet daughter. It will be fun to know you more too! Blessings, Patti

    1. Thank you, Patti! I wrote it and then when there were zero comments I was a bit nervous, lol! It's hard to really put yourself out there, but for so many years when I was teaching it was discouraged. I appreciate you commenting :)


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