What I'm reading...

Someone once asked me why I don't share more about what I'm reading here on the blog.  No idea.  Honestly, reading to me is like breathing- so it kind of slips my mind.

Here are some books being read in our cottage this week:

Hunter is reading Al Capone Does my Shirts.  He is way into Alcatraz this week and I highly recommend this series!

I finished Brain on Fire last week.  I HIGHLY recommend this one.  My dad lent it to me and I am so glad I took the time to read it.   Warning:  Only start reading it if you can read through without stopping.  You will not want to put it down!

I've also been reading Mary Poppins, She Wrote.  Very good and so much more insight to P.L Travers than the movie Saving Mr.Banks had time to delve into.

I've also added in Alice in Zombieland.  I am a desperate woman what with The Walking Dead not coming back until February 9th at 8:00 pm.  Not like I am counting down or anything...

That's it for now.  Happy Reading!


  1. I've been reading lately too. :) Isn't it funny how we are all attracted to different types of books?

    1. Some of my favourite reads have been recommended by friends. Books are so personal and speak to us in many different ways :)

  2. Glad I stopped in, love to know what everyone is reading! Great ones!


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