Library paint choices...

The library, dare I say it, is getting to the near- so it's time to choose some paint!  I'm wanting to paint the walls and built in shelves the same colour to wrap the room.

Here is the colour that is on the ceiling:

Here are my choices:

Perfect Greige by Sherwin Williams- This is the colour that is already on the walls.  I love it and it's dark/but light enough not to make the room feel like a cave.

Sherwin Williams Rockwood green would be moody and kinda fun:

But I don't want to feel like this every time I walk into the library...

What are your thoughts?  I really need some help here- greige or green?



  1. I have been using a grey tone shade of green in my family room for several years now. I have not grown tired of it at all, and it is light enough that you it still feels very airy. I am changing from the white curtains but have not decided yet what I want to do. Since you are looking at similar colors maybe I can get some inspiration from you. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Oh boy that's a hard one. I'm kinda leaning towards the green but maybe a little more muted. What ever you decide it will be perfect.
    Choosing paint colors are always so hard for me. I'm currently trying to find the perfect white to replace the perfect red I painted seven years ago.
    Good luck. I can't wait to see the finished space.

  3. I am a total color girl, but I am going with the greige.

  4. The greige color is very similar to the color I have in our living room. I LOVE it! It's dark enough that it makes the room feel as though it has color, but it's not so dark that the room closes in on you. It's also neutral enough that any colors I bring into the room look great.

    The green would be nice, and admittedly, that's the color I think of when I think of libraries (no idea why). But I think that you will feel limited with that color. I also think it will read darker in your library than what you probably want in the long run.

    So I would go with the Greige. It's a great color!


Thanks so much for popping in. I appreciate all of your lovely comments...Tricia