Construction zone...

Our master bathroom is STILL not completed.  We are six weeks into this mold remediation/shower rebuild.  Five people + one bathroom= NOT FUN.

This is how things look today.  I am playing a perpetual game of "wait and see" as to who shows up, if someone shows up, and yesterday waited all day just so they could show up with the wrong tile.  Taylor Morrison and Wisenbaker Tile Company only care about "customer service" as long as it takes for you to sign papers stating the house is yours.  After that, you are on your own.  Good luck with that.

We have walls...waiting on trim.
The library is also in a state of construction, but since storage space is tight I am moving things onto shelves to clear a side for Travis to work on.  Once all the shelves are built and trimmed out I will once again clear the room to sand and paint.  We are really hoping to have this project completed by Christmas.  I think I may have typed that line this time last year...

Christmas decorations are set to go up this weekend, so hopefully the bathroom is complete by then, because this is driving my OCD into overtime.


  1. Renno's are such fun! NOT. But the end result is always nice.
    i don't know how my husbands family ever did it .... one bath and 5 people for years. I think he was in high school before the added a bath in the master bedroom.. I guess we do what we have to do don't we? ;o)

    1. Yep! We are so spoiled with our two baths! One feels like we have only an outhouse, lol!


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