Finding balance...

I adopted the tradition of choosing a word rather than making specific New Year's resolutions.  For the past three years I have been stuck on the same word...balance.

I am a work-aholic, constantly moving and doing- sitting still makes me antsy.  Just ask anyone in my family who has tried to get me to sit through a movie.

Along with lack of balance comes the "oh I can do that!" syndrome.  It's sort of like being hungry and putting more on your plate than you can eat.  I put more on my to-do list than I can possibly accomplish in one day.

And you know what?   I'm tired.

Stripping wood, layer by layer...
I think this upcoming trip will be good for me to revaluate my work schedule.  I've been going non-stop this summer and I need to schedule in some down days.  I say that, but watch- I will probably come home and fill my plate up beyond my capability to ingest it all.

How do you stay balanced?   Work, kids, home, hobbies, blogging....any tips are appreciated!


  1. Tricia- I am a workaholic, too. If I am not working I am on the computer. I NEVER watch movies unless I am also doing something else. lol The most relaxing time I had this summer was taking 3 little girls and my daughter to the ocean...and even then we were "busy"-but it was a fun busy. xo Diana

    1. Oh good, it is so nice to know I am not alone! One of the things I am working on through Happify is taking time off and just BEING without being busy. So hard to do!!

  2. Take a book and force yourself to sit and read for a half hour a day. Set a timer and just go someplace else in your mind. (yes, fiction, no, not paint formulas)

    1. That is a good suggestion, plus for me if I start reading a book I won't stop until I finish it!


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