Gardening & a winner...

I love this time of year in our garden!  Blooming hydrangeas, gardenias bursting with flowers, and my poor dill in the herb garden.

This is NOT my dill.  My dill is gone to the nub, so nothing to photograph!  However, if I could grow dill without a certain rabbit eating it I am sure it would look like this!

The culprit?  Rabbits.  Wah, wah, wah...

I've read that planting lavender around the other herbs will keep the bunnies away.

Not so much for my garden it seems.  I picture fat rabbits, bellies full, but sleeping beautifully because the entire time they were eating my herbs they were inhaling the sweet scent of lavender.

In other news...

This kid is beyond ready for summer break!

Last night Travis and I stumbled onto a garage sale at the Extreme Home Makeover house in Kemah.

The people whom the home was built for are moving.  We spent quite some time talking with them and their lovely children.  Also, I bought this...

I literally sat down on it and said SOLD!  It was built from doors in Galveston after Hurricane Ike.  Love.  (not the hurricane, the bench!)

And last but not least, congratulations to Andrea of Willow Wisp Cottage  for winning the Sew a Fine Seam bag by Jill!  Sending it off to you this morning :)  If you have not visited Andrea's blog- go now! She has a newly styled living room by the lovely and talented Holly Mathis.  It is just gorgeous!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I love the bench, did you get to see inside the home?

  2. Thank you so much again! We have sweet little sassy bunnies who very much appreciate suppin' on our garden as well. That and deer and gophers. Good thing they are all so darn cute :)


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