Around the cottage & a graduation...

It is amazing to me how a 5' something like myself can muster up the strength of an ant when she wants something done.

I moved this from here...

to here...

I am loving the relocation of this bench to our entryway.  Also I got to put out a special pillow...

Heather from Feather Hen

While doing some decor-ranging around the cottage I moved a few things on the mantle...

Today we will be attending the 5th grade "graduation" for this sweet boy...

This kid has character in spades- he makes us so proud every day and we cannot wait to share in his learning experiences for the next three years.  Yep, I am homeschooling him for middle school, a decision that has been long in the making.  If you are a homeschooler, or thinking about it be sure to leave me comments on how it is going for you!  Also, I will be adding resources, ideas, reflections under the homeschooling tab here on my blog.  Getting back to a love of learning and creativity is our goal.  I am confident we will succeed!


  1. That bench is so pretty! It looks wonderful in your entry! Your mantel looks beautiful too!
    Good luck with your home schooling adventure! I'm sure it'll go great!!

  2. Your bench looks great there and the pillow is perfect. Homeschooling is such a big decision. You are a teacher though and you'll do great!

  3. That bench is beautiful. I love the chippiness. I love the mantel too. You did a great job it looks so pretty. Good luck with home schooling I know people that do it love it and feel great and rewarded to do this for their kids. I am sure you will do really great with it.

  4. I love the bench and its new location. I'm the same way. I'm constantly moving things from room to room. My husband use to ask how I managed to move the heavy things but now he just shakes his head. Where there is a will there is a way. Did you make the pillow? It looks perfect on the bench.
    Good luck with your new adventure. I have several friends who home school and they wouldn't have it any other way.

    1. Nope- I didn't make the pillow. My skills are sad at best, lol! Heather from Feather Hen did. She is talented! (her link is now under the picture )

  5. Love your chippy bench. Your son looks so much like my son used to. So cute and so much fun. Good luck on your home schooling adventure. I couldn't do it but sure think it is a great thing. I see why more and more people do....esp. in middle school. (((((HUGS)))))

  6. Why home school? I understand the level of education you can give him, but what about the class interaction, the other students he'll deal with, friends on the playground? Can't just do a home schooling addition to what he would get in a formal school?

  7. I am a homeschool mom and we are finishing our first year as a high school freshman. It has been such a wonderful and challenging experience. My situation might be different than some. My son attended a public school for the last 8 years and came to us and asked to be homeschooled. We live in a small town but the classrooms are so noisy and the teachers hands seem to be tied when it comes to discipline. We prayed about it and jumped in and he says he's never going back. He has learned so much more through this experience and tells me on a daily basis what a great decision this was. I never saw myself as a homeschool parent but the relationship and time we have together has been priceless. I have two older kids that graduated from the public school so I feel like I have experienced both worlds. Best to you both as you learn and grow together!

  8. Oh and I love the Gruene Hall sign. One of my favorite places! I live very close and love to eat at the Griste Mill! Yep, I'm a Texas girl :)

  9. That bench is AMAZING!!! I absolutely love ur taste!
    And your handsome boy, you must be proud!!!

  10. We are a military family, and the flexibility of home schooling has been such a blessing!

  11. "You are woman..Hear you roar" Love the bench but be nice to your body. LOL
    Good Luck with the home schooling. I have several friends who home school and really like it.


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