Front door hardware installation...

We did not upgrade our door hardware when we built our home three years ago.  The options the builder had were: standard or oil rubbed bronze.  Lordy, everything was ORB! this and ORB! that, and quite honestly (and don't unfriend me for this!) I am not a fan of the ORB!

I like anything that looks like wrought iron.  Or rusted.  Or has the possibility of requiring you to get a tetanus shot if you cut yourself on it.  The builder didn't have anything that fell into those categories- so I waited.

Then I found this lovely company.  They have every finish imaginable, even the almighty ORB!- but for me it was this:

So today when Travis got home from fire training I batted my eyes like this:

Before I knew it he was on that hardware like a duck on a june bug :)  Gotta love the power of the eye batting...

This is where Travis and I differ.  He sees parts and instructions and immediately begins to put things together, make connections, and problem solve...

I lay on the floor and take pictures of our entry way ceiling... not very productive, but I've been told I am quite entertaining.

After a while Travis proclaimed the project finished!

Our old hardware looked like this:

Kinda shiny for me, and we wanted something that tied into the door metal.  Speaking of....door metal needs to be sand blasted and repainted because it is doing what paint does in the Texas heat...

Bubble and Melt, baby!
Sigh.  One thing at a time.

At least now the new hardware is making the door stand a little prouder...

So there you have it- new front door hardware installed and working :)


  1. What finish is that, mat black?
    Looks pretty. I think you get a lot of things out of him by just batting your eyes.

  2. Super pretty! Love the square chunky-ness of it too. Believe it or not, we're doing antique brass on our new home. I never liked brushed nickel, and I'm tired of ORB (and it was an upgrade)...I like warm metals...putting brass hardware on my cottage kitchen cabs too :)

  3. That looks great- Good job installing it and it is much better than the builder's grade one- xo Diana

  4. Very nice. It goes much better.

  5. Soo much better, I like what you've picked out - it goes great!

  6. It's really an advantage to have a husband or be with someone that has a handy man-kind of skill because it makes everything simple and easier. Anyway, you have a good vintage looking door. Have you already repainted it? #Danielle @ VinylumeInc.com

    1. Have not painted it yet. Need to do something about that wrought iron!

  7. Looks great! Where did you get the front door? It's beautiful.

    1. It was a builder option- not sure of the maker of it.

  8. Hi
    That is so cute, I would of never thought of that. I am definitely making me one or maybe a few! Lol door knob turner


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