Hot pink with a side of glam...

Yesterday was busy around here, but we did manage to get the last bit done on the console and move it into Sara's room.

Here it is- hot pink & all...

The room is not very big, so photographing it head on was impossible!  I tried to take as many pics from different angles.  I know it 's cluttered, but Sara has a 'thing' for her things :)  I tried to organize as many of her smalls as I could.  Mardi Gras beads, rubber balls, pencils, greeting cards, books, more books, perfume, and pictures- all hold a special place in her heart.  The ukelele will be finding a spot on the wall next to her graduation picture.  It was a birthday gift from her nana and she loves it!

Thanks for reading and know that your comments make my heart sing!


  1. Perfect! I bet Sara is in heaven.

  2. I like that color. I think it is great that ra has all those treasures.

  3. It's fantastic! She must love it! :)

  4. It's fantastic! She must love it! :)

  5. Looks great - good work T man!


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