Flew the coop...

I want a chicken coop.  I also want a cow, but I think the chickens might be easier to hide.  

The problem is that we don't live in the country on a farm.  We don't even live on an acre.   We live in a "master-planned community with open green spaces and lovely lakes  ponds".    We have a Starbucks.

Plenty of room for cows in those green spaces though...

I envision me in a wide brimmed straw hat, apron tied neatly around my waist, basket in hand gathering eggs each morning.  Then my four children come wandering into the kitchen to the smell of eggs cooking on the stove while I kiss the tops of their heads and hand them a plate of delicious food.

Somehow I don't think our homeowners association will see it quite so dreamy...

"It's so fluffy I could die!"
Someday....when we move to that farm....with the cow (my grandma always said they had the sweetest breath!)...and my coop with the fluffy chickens... Someday...

A girl can dream ;)


  1. I don't know why but your vision made me laugh. We live in the country and I still can't envision that actually happening. lol We have been moving the chicken buying down on the list here but really need to get some because I miss fresh eggs so much. We got rid of ours a couple years ago because we planted new grass and since we let ours free range, they were eating it faster that the blades could pop up. And yes, a girl CAN dream. :)

  2. Haha! Yes, those homeowner associations can be a little tough, especially when it comes to chickens! I went to a home tour about a year ago in an urban area, and we get to the back of the house and there is a chicken coop and chicken's & they aren't being quiet. I couldn't believe they were allowed to have the chicken but they told me there is no ordinance against it. This was in the city of Dallas. I don't care if they have chickens but I think they probably found out they do indeed have an ordinance against the chickens. Too funny.

  3. Come on up here to New York State. No lie, there are huge farms just 2 miles south of my house, and I live in the suburbs. Contrary to popular believe, there's way more farm land in New York than urban areas.

    AND, the Finger Lakes region is world famous for fabulous wines! You can literally drive around one of the Finger Lakes and hit up a dozen or more wineries. Assuming you'd make it past 4 after tasting wine at each of them!

  4. I wouldn't mind a few chickens, I do think my neighbors and HOA would have something to say tho... 🐥🐣🐤

  5. You just quoted my son's favorite movie. We live in a smaller neighborhood on just under a 1/4 acre lot and we have both a pond and ducks in our yard. Our next door neighbors have chickens. Backyard chickens are very popular and don't need as much room as you might imagine. Find out what your city ordinances says. And then go visit http://www.backyardchickens.com/ they have tons of great info!

    1. Abbey- Thank you! I am going to look into it :)

  6. LOL. Now I want that fluffy chick. I live on 1.31 acres but our deed restrictions say 'no' to chickens. Right we have two homeowners who don't think that applies to them. Oh boy. Now the homes that don't sit on the lake can have horses but only horses.
    Now weird part of this is I've never seen the chickens but I have heard them in the mornings. The one guy has 20 of them and I've NEVER seen them. No sunlight.... Crazy


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