Storage solutions & a winner....

Before I start talking decorating, thank you so much for your sweet words on my last post.  I read each one and commented back- y'all made me tear up and it felt like a giant cyber hug!  This is an amazing community and I love how quick you were to offer up encouragement and share your own struggles.  Thank you, thank you.

Now on to storage solutions...

We are going to be building some new storage units for Sara's room.  The girl is a hoarder, but in the neatest way.  Birthday cards are in stacks, ribbons & medals from Special Olympics are wrapped around her hanging storage cubbies, and perfume bottles fill her tiny armoire.  It is clearly time to tame the clutter by building her a storage unit that will organize all of her 'treasures'.

Love, love, love this sweet girl!

The plan is to build something similar to the console in the boy's room:

I'm thinking of painting it a hot pink (her favourite colour!)

Then incorporate some baskets like this for clothing storage:

I will also be adding a new bulletin board to replace this cramped one...

Like this...

I will keep you posted on our progress.

Oh, before I forget, Ashley- you are the winner of the I Spy....a give-away!!  Just email me your address and I will get your goodies off to you in the mail :)


  1. this is so beautiful! I love the turquoise walls with the pretty pink accents on the bed. And Miss Sara is precious too! She looks very happy and well loved! I love that she collects in a good way! Such a beautiful room for a little princess.

    p.s. you wouldn't mind sharing the color of the walls would you please? (the turquoise)

    1. Sandy- The colour of the walls is a fluke- we took a Tiffany's box to the paint store and they colour matched it. I love, love, love how at night when you turn on the lamp it feels like you are in an aquarium.

  2. I love Sara's room and that picture of her is precious. I live with two hoarders but thankfully they are neat hoarders like yours. My boys love to keep everything. I on the other hand can not stand clutter or anything that looks out of place. We are in the process of doing our youngest room over and are looking for storage ideas. I really like the baskets and the pink but something tells me my son won't go for pink in his room. He's also a swimmer. Did you make the cutout above Sara's bed?

  3. Michelle- I agree, pretty sure the boys will turn their noses up to a pink room! I didn't make the cut out, it was from White Flower Farmhouse. Love their stuff! The console in our boys room was built by my husband. Love the colours in there too :)

  4. We were just down to Ikea the other day and bought two storage units - smaller versions of this (we got the dark brown one, not the shiny red one)
    They are just simple boxes, and Ikea sells things to go in each cell - drawers, door fronts, baskets, plastic boxes, etc. Travis could make something similar, just a wall full of cells, and then put doors on some, and Sara could put baskets or trays or other things in some and some could be just display of items. That way she can move things around and change the patterns as she feels like it. Make it fit her mood.

  5. I really like Sara's room. I wish I had seen it when we were fixing to paint my daughters walls. She was wanting a color similar but I was afraid. Dang. I should have know better. My daughter has a much better eye for color than I.

    1. That is the beauty of "it's just paint" ;) Change it up!


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