Brown eyed girl...

Sara turned 21 years old last week, but the celebration carried on through the entire week.  Last night we took Sara and her friends out to a REAL night club.  They were so excited to be "legal" and as Sara said, "Get my PARTY on!"

We started out here at the cottage with a dinner of lime/honey chicken & cheese enchiladas, Mexican rice & charro beans...

We invited friends & family...

Sara and her sister,  Anne...

Sara and her boyfriend, William...

Travis' friend, Dustin "Bieber"

Anne & David...

It was pointed out that William looks a bit like Jake from Sixteen Candles...

No party is complete without a pinata... Redneck style ;)

Then it was time to boogie...


Water breaks & time to put the hair up...

Virgin daiquiris...

Favourite moment of the night was all of us dancing around Sara and singing Brown Eyed Girl- her song...

We couldn't resist dancing the quick step to a country song...

 We had such a good time!  Thank you to family & friends who made Sara's 21st birthday one to remember :)


  1. Aw, I love her Happy Face with the gifts!!

  2. So heartwarming. She had so much fun. Looks like everyone did.

  3. Looks like you had so much fun! I'm so glad a good time was.has had by all!

  4. I was smiling the whole time reading this. Looks like a really special birthday celebration :)

  5. What a wonderful celebration! I loved seeing all the big smiles!

    Happy Birthday, Sara!!


  6. Such a sweet celebration to be cherished forever! :)

  7. Your photos are getting amazing!!! What a fun night ;)

  8. Looks like a fun time! Happy Birthday to Sara!

  9. I love these pictures! Sara looks so happy. :)

  10. You sure treat your kids fancy - I am impressed with how you go all out for celebrations. Sweet

  11. Now that's my kind of party. We have weekend birthday celebrations at our house. I'll have to clue my husband in on a week long celebration. It looks like everyone had fun helping Sara celebrate her 21st.


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