The power of one little yes...

  Sometimes in the blog world we can get caught up in things that are important only on the surface.  I am all for pretty dishes, homemaking and home improvement, but this project is meaningful, purposeful, and tragic all at once.  It is a difficult subject to inform yourself on but one that sadly effects women and girls all around the country- even here in America.  Read on to find out how one woman is making a huge difference in the lives of others.

One power of one little yes

This is the account of how one little yes has changed everything for me in the last two months: 

I have several friends who are engaged in the fight against human trafficking. They have travelled all over the world and looked into the eyes of these girls and women so very much like our daughters, like ourselves, and they have been changed as a result. I have heard their stories… and honestly I tried to keep my heart at a distance because it was too hard to hear some of the truth of what is happening. Too painful. To overwhelming. 

I thought, "I can't even solve my own life's issues- how can I possibly help? I am just a suburban mom. What could I possibly do from here?" Then my friend Brandi launched a campaign called She's Worth It (shesworthitcampaign.com) to raise money and awareness in the fight against human trafficking. She's Worth It supports organizations all over the world who are on the front lines of this battle against this darkness. She asked me to consider raising money…and I avoided her e-mails and texts. But she wouldn't give up… so finally I gave in and said I would join her and I committed with shaking knees to raise $5,000 to support two amazing organizations- NightLight International (www.nightlightinternational.com) and Indian Rescue Mission (www.indianrescuemission.org) 

I said yes. One little yes.  I really had no faith that I would be able to raise $5,000- that was surely an impossible task. I thought, "Well, I will do what I can and in the end I will just have to tell her sorry, I tried my best." I knew I wasn't  going to ask all my friends and family for money. Not happening. So how could I even attempt this? Then I remembered this quote from Erma Bombeck, “When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, “I used everything you gave me.” I began thinking about what I could do with what I already have in my hands. The thought occurred to me to create a necklace with the logo for She's Worth it…which happened to come at the perfect time for Valentine's Day. So that night I photoshopped the heart artwork into a photo I already had of a necklace, created an Etsy listing, sent the link off to my friend Brandi and went to bed. 

The next morning I woke up and I had 15 orders! Now mind you, I hadn't created a single necklace yet!! So I got to work creating those necklaces and designing the packaging…and by the end of the first week we had sold over 100. I had to order more supplies and figure out how to streamline the process. My friends and family rallied around me and jumped in to help me solder, package and ship the! first tidal wave of orders! 

The next week my friend Melody Ross promoted necklace on her Brave Girls Club Facebook page (bravegirlsclub.com) and I received 70 orders in 24 hours. At the end of 3 weeks I had sold over 250 necklaces and raised over $5000! Truly miraculous! And it is still continuing! I have sold over 350 necklaces and raised over $7,000!!!  

We have shipped necklaces all over our country (40 states) and to two countries!

Will you join me? You can purchase a necklace through my Etsy shop here. 

$20 of each necklace sale will go to fight human trafficking in Seattle! We can't let this continue in our own country! 

Thank you so much! Together we really can make a difference!


  1. Thank you so much for joining in on this! I am so happy! Lisa is doing a wonderful thing and it's really cool that we can help in our little way! xoxo

    1. I so agree! We tend to think that if it's just one of us it will make such a difference, but all of us working together can change the future :)

  2. Great cause... here where I live we hear about human trafficking every- day in the news... I live 5 miles from the border of mexico, and young women risk everything to come across they become victims very easily! I have seen stash houses where they are kept, and it is something so horrible to see.. many times these victims are raped,and go without bathing and food.. We really need tougher laws for the people who cross these victims... I will definitely check out the etsy shop Thank you for bringing awareness!!!

    1. Oh Marissa, that is just horrible! I know it is bad near the borders. It just disgusts me how there can be individuals out there who look at people as property and treat others without an ounce of compassion.


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