Happy birthday Bear...

Our youngest kiddo turned 12 years old this week.  So hard to believe it's been 12 years, but honestly cannot remember what life was like before he arrived!  This kid is so full of character and such a ham :)

Also, a HUGE flying buff.  There was never any Barney or Sesame Street for this kid.  Instead there was the Battle of Britain and Tora, Tora, Tora.

So for his 12th birthday we decided to give him the ride of his life....in a helicopter over Canyon Lake.

We packed up Tuesday morning and hit the road at 7am.  Arriving at Canyon Lake by 11 on the dot.  Hunter was beyond excited.  This is a kid who reads up on helicopters and tells everyone how he is going to go into the Army and fly helicopters- and you know what?  I think he will.

I know giving a 12 year old a helicopter ride for his birthday might seem extravagant, but really for the cost of a party, bounce house & toys he would only enjoy for a short time, we gave him an experience he will never forget.  I am more into that these days than I am the parties and gifts.  I want to leave my kids with a lot of "remember whens" rather than "remember whats".

Flight instructions and safety information...

Pilot Harry and Co-Pilot Hunter

It was a perfect day for flying.  A birthday that this little guy big 12 year old will never forget :)


  1. Happy Birthday! Much better than a bouncy house.

    1. Joe- We thought so too! I love giving experiences instead of traditional gifts :)

  2. Looks like he had a wonderful time! Lovely memories made!

  3. I think that's a wonderful birthday gift!! He'll never forget for sure.

    My son's 21st birthday is today. Holding my breath because you can guess why he's excited.

    1. Stacey- I am right there with you! Sara will be 21 next month, and our oldest son just turned 18. It makes me more nervous for their safety now than when they were littles!

  4. Happy Happy birthday!!! Oh I totally agree this was a much better gift he will remember forever!!! Thanks for sharing..


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