Oh deer....

Travis and I have very different views on hunting.  Don't get me wrong, I am all for thinning out the deer population to prevent disease and starvation, and I love a good batch of deer venison and jerky.  I'd just rather not hang his hunting trophies in the house.

Deer heads just don't scream coastal cottage with a touch of industrial.  Much.

So for Christmas I ordered him a deer head I could hang in the cottage.  One that combines both of our loves.  Hunting and reading.  This one is covered using vintage children's dictionary pages.

I found this artist on Etsy....you can order one here  It was the perfect gift for my hunting hubby : o )


  1. That is so cute! Love the decoupauge pages from a children's book on it too!

  2. So nice! I see we all have deers in our brains ;)

  3. What was his reaction? (did he even notice it yet?)


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