Trapp candles...

I went out shopping for a bit with my mom today.  We stumbled on the cutest shop and they were selling Trapp Candles.  I bought Lavender Provence....oh my heavens to Betsy!  It smells divine ; o )


  1. Trapp candles originate in Kansas City which is my hometown. Their store there is AMAZING if you are ever in the area - they also do fresh flower arrangements that are incredible! It is the only place i order from for my family. I don't live in that area anymore and have been so excited to see their candles at stores where I am now. The honeysuckle is my favorite!

  2. Katherine- Very cool! I didn't even know of them until the other day. I would love to see the flower arrangements! I have a friend who lives in KC, I will have to ask her about it : o )


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