Writing Camp: Fishing for Stories

  Our last two days of writing camp this week focused on using real life events and sketching to generate details in our stories.  We took the boys fishing.  I know, me, fishing ; o )  Live worms and all!

After a morning of fishing we sat out on the back patio and spent some time talking about it.  I gave the boys an opportunity to really think about the experience and steered the conversation toward the details of the trip.   The next day we met again and spent some time sketching our stories.

As the boys were drawing they began to talk about the details they remembered and would then add them into their sketches.  When it came time to write they had written their stories with lots of interesting details and even some interesting embellishments that took their stories into the fiction genre ; o )

Of course the goal was to get to the digital publishing.  The kids love to see their work on-line and read the comments they receive!

All in all it was a fantastic week of writing : o )

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