All Made Up

Anne approached me a week before Christmas and asked if it would be OK to start wearing a little makeup. Mind you, she had already taken it upon herself to borrow a friend's makeup and the resulting look was that of a 12 year old who had somehow found herself in the middle of a bar fight. Not pretty.

I had always sworn that when I had a daughter and she asked me about makeup I would take her to the nearest makeup artist and have a professional show her how to apply her makeup. My parents had a strict rule that no makeup could be worn before the age of 16. So needless to say, when I turned 16 and got my hands on the stuff I looked like a cross between a circus clown and the town whore. Someone had made the mistake of giving me one of those makeup kits with 1,002 shades- and I wore every damn one of them. At the same time.

I took Anne to the mall and straight to Bare Essentials. There is a man who works there who has the best taste in makeup, and I was pretty sure he could teach Anne a thing or three about application. I was right. She was super excited and had the super glossy lips to prove it. She sat there in rapt attention watching everything he did and copying it down to the letter. When we checked out she hugged me and thanked me for letting her wear makeup like her friends do.

As we left the mall I glanced over to get another look at my made up little girl.

Suddenly she didn't look like a little girl anymore, and suddenly I realized how old I felt.


  1. Watching them grow up makes me sniffle. I can totally relate to your plight!

  2. What a great mom thing to do! I had boys and didn't get the joy of raising a girl...but I can relate to having your "baby" grow up right before your eyes. Where did all the time go?

  3. hugs... it's okay.... it will get better... who am I kidding, next it's boys and parties... lock her up.

    Oh and the shoes, I think Amy has inherited something from you, cos it sure aint from me, you should see her heels.

  4. Whew - just glad that wasn't a picture of a remade you helping your daughter. Had me worried there for a minute.

  5. LOL @ Joe in Vegas.

    I remember when I started wearing makeup, fortunately, the only mistake I made was wearing the wrong color foundation, a very tan wrong color. My brother pointed it out in the way the brothers do, he was all, "Why do you have a line on your jawbone. It looks stupid."

    You're a smart mom... to take her to someone who is an expert and she'll respect what he taught her. Very smart. :)

  6. How fun for you and Anne. Taylor's 18 and I can't even get the girl to wear chap stick.

  7. So sweet!
    That looks like so much fun!!! I love a girls' day!!!

    I am freak about Bare Minerals. I have 2 boxes full of the stuff. It is really a bit embarrassing!

  8. B- Oh you should meet my friend Kristin. She has two IKEA wardrobes full of the stuff, and I am not exaggerating!!!

  9. Tricia, Please post something soon. This guy's been scaring me all week.

  10. What a coincidence, my boys make me feel old too. And the older one let's the girls at school put makeup on him.

    Who would have thought we'd have that in common?

  11. MC- Will do!

    VInce- LOL! Oh that made me spit coffee!!!


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