Shoe issues...

Last night was meet the teacher at my school. We all agreed to wear our red, white & blue school shirts with jeans. I am not one for dressing down at work. I detest tennis shoes and only own one pair that I use to go walking...on the rare occasion I actually choose to go walking. So yesterday I picked out one of my favourite pair of heels, Naughty Monkeys. I like them because they are almost like wearing art shoes. The only problem is that the red, white & blue pair of Naughty Monkeys are only 2 hour shoes. That means they are more like "sitting shoes", and less like a 9 hour day of running through a school and meeting kids and parents in the 9th hour shoes. The result? Huge blister on my second to big toe. Not pretty.

I also love the brown Tahari shoes pictured here, but again, pretty- not practical. Those are about three and a half hour shoes.

Above that are the green shoes by bjorn. These are 24 hour shoes and I love them.

Next up is a pair of yellow and white Naughty Monkeys that fall into the 5 hour range of wearability. I get compliments even from men in these. Most men never look down at my feet, so that says a lot.

My red cole-hahn pumps. Love. Love. Love these shoes. Comfy and stylish coming in at about 8-9 hour wearability.

Lastly are my Yellow Box Flip Flops. Ladies, if you do not own these then walk, nay-run to your nearest computer and snatch up a pair on e-bay. They are like walking on little pieces of heaven. And they are cute to boot.

So there you have it. My shoes. Impractical sometimes, but pretty. Totally me.


  1. I smell FEET!

    lol...j/k, love all your shoes and am really impressed you know what kind they are.

    Mine are..yellow flip flops, green flip flops, blue flip flops...and my newest find of some pretty sparkly flip flops.

    And my motorcycle boots. ;0

    Ever use moleskin? Works great!

  2. Ah! The best shot is your foot ... despite that li'l ol' blister. OUCH!

    Hmmmm, shoes rated by the hour. They should advertise them like that.

  3. Ellen has a pair of Birkenstock's I got her for her birthday and she wears them all the time. She also has a pair by Sofft that are like walking on little pillows she also wears all the time.

    I can also assume by tennis shoes you mean any type of sneaker. Here in the heathen northeast tennis shoes are really Converse Chuck Taylor shoes.

    You can barely notice the blister in the picture. And you do have cute toes.

  4. Love them all, but especially the red ones. :-)

  5. Aaahhhhh!!!! :)
    I label my shoes by hour, too!!!!
    Funny, I thought I was the only weirdo that did that!

    Love those red pumps!
    Classy and sassy.

    My faves are Switch Flops. They are flip flops, but you can change the straps, making them look like a totally different pair of shoes.
    Super comfy. Super cute.
    Their kitten heels are so fab!

  6. Kristin- I have two pairs of Clark's Artisan shoes. One pair I bought with you at the SA mall : ) Love those!

  7. I thought us Lake girls only wore flip flops. Maybe it's time for me to update my shoe collection.

  8. Oh man, I thought I was the only one who categorized shoes by wear time! I'm sitting here giggling over this.

    Also, depends on what I'm doing... if I've got meeting preps or will be walking a lot, I wear shoes that are more practical. If I'm sitting most of the day, then I wear something more frilly, but will often bring comfortable just in case.

    Yikes on your poor toe. :(

  9. OH MY GAWD!
    Those red buckled shoes are to die for, kinda kicked up dorothy, eh?

    I use to be a heel girl, then had my 3rd child. now not so much. I do miss them sometimes..
    Not the blister tho..
    your little toe toes are cute!!
    happy back to school, teach!

  10. Seaworthy- Dorothy but on Crack : )


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