Things I do when I'm bored...

Yesterday was not a productive day for me. I wandered around the house while occasionally plopping myself down on the new laundry room bench to chat with Travis. Well, not chat so much as start talking about the NEXT project which drives him bonkers when I do that. I also read/studied a bit for the writing project in July.

I also played around with an iron-on monogram thingy...I have a thing for the letter G.

Travis left for work this morning and instead of me rolling over and getting some more sleep, I woke up and cleaned the kitchen counters.

I swear there is something wrong with me.


  1. Monograms on lamp shades? School has only been out for a week. What will you be doing by August?

  2. Amazing, as always.

    Just remember if you're REALLY bored you have an open invite to come to my place and decorate (and redecorate) to your heart's content. I'll feed you and give you a place to sleep. I won't even make you watch my kids.

  3. Kel- I found the monograms at Hobby Lobby for $1.49 each. Cheap doo-dahs!

    Joeinvegas- I know...I'm a dangerous woman with a little free time!

    Sydwynd- Awwww shucks! You make me blush ; ) You know I would LOVE to come up to NY and do some decorating!!!

  4. love that idea of adding a little monogram to the lampshade...creative!!! And, there must be something wrong if you freely cleaned the counters instead of sleeping, best go take your temperature!!

  5. blondiensc- Yeah, I am known for not being able to sleep and sometimes cleaning the house in the middle of the night or in the early morning. It's a sickness!

  6. Call it a sickness if you want, but I think it's just a creative mind looking for expression. :)

  7. come express yourself in UK. I need help... I've got a craft studio bursting at the seams and a really comfy spare room....

  8. Seamus- I never thought of it that way, lol! I think you are a lot like that too : )

    Noonie- Oh I would SO go to the UK anytime, anyway! I *heart* England with a passion : )


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