This and That

So busy this weekend. Baseball with the Bear, zipping about in the new car, putting up new curtains in the living room, shopping for baby gifts for my co-teacher, laundry, and trying to keep my nerves in check for Monday's interview.
The curtains are actually painter's drop cloths from Lowe's. Kid you not. I got the idea from Layla over at the Lettered Cottage. Great ideas all over that girls blog : )


  1. Ah I love Layla's blog too! Your curtains turned out really nice.

    Good luck on the interview, but I have a feeling you'll nail this out of the park, no problems.

  2. Milkmaid- I know, I keep going over there and starting new projects that I just don't have time right now to finish! I guess thinking I won't get it will help with my nerves during the interview tomorrow morning. I have zero self confidence.


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