Sunny Florida

We just got back last night from our annual spring break trip to Destin. We ventured a bit further past Destin this year and stayed on Santa Rosa Beach. The house we stayed in was hardly a "beach house". It was more like a beach McMansion. I prefer smaller homes, but I did spend quite a bit of time trying to figure out how to get the Dacor stove into the back of my Volvo without anyone noticing.

The boys spent time off-shore fishing, and the girls shopped until our debit cards wore out. On my third trip back to the outlet stores Travis asked me if shopping was my idea of a vacation. Silly boy.
Now it's back to our normal routine. 4:30 am is going to come around awfully fast. I will probably go to bed by 8:00. Vacations always leave me feeling like I need, well a vacation.


  1. Looks like a great time! No go relax.

  2. Precious family, to die for beach mansion and that sandy toes picture surely will find a nice frame in your home somewhere.

  3. What a vacation location! The mansion you stayed in looks incredible! I once taught and it seems teachers pay has improved tremendously!!! Looks like you had a great family vacation.

  4. Jojo- No, we teachers still make peanuts for what we do! I have a Dr.Sister who rents the house out for all of our family each year. I buy our food since there are six of us. We have a blast every year : )


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