A lovely transformation...

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting with Laura Siebert of LSSlipcovers to design some custom slipcovers for my kitchen chairs and a settee that I have owned forever.

Laura is just as lovely of a person on the inside as she is on the outside, and she is a creative genius!  I have never had someone come to my home and custom design slipcovers, so I really didn't know what to expect.  She came in and talked to me for a while about the pieces.  As we talked I noticed that she was looking around the cottage and assessing my style.  I didn't really know what I wanted, so I told her to just get creative.  I handed her some vintage linens I had been saving as well as a bunch of painter's drop cloths- my go-to fabric of choice.  She cut the material for the kitchen chairs, loaded up the settee in her van and was off.

Two weeks later...

Laura arrived with my new slips and settee cover.  She installed the chair slips first.  She was meticulous about putting them on and arranging them just so.  She fluffed, straightened, smoothed and....

the little x's on the back of the chair are my favourite feature...

She could not have nailed my style any better!  They are just the perfect amount of farmhouse/quirky/ruffled goodness.  I adore these and they really kicked up the table a notch!

Then she installed the settee cover.  Oh my heavens to Betsy!  The girl outdid herself on this one.  Here is what the settee looked like before.  The dogs were constantly jumping up on it and little Violet decided that trim braiding was the bomb for snacking on...

I love that she used the trim from one of the sheets to outline the entire top and arms of the settee...

This is all hand embroidered...Seriously, I didn't even know people still knew how to do this!

More lovely embroidery...

And here she is- vintage linens, painter's drop cloth material, and lovely handiwork...

And as for the fur babies claiming it as theirs.  Um, nope.  Foiled!

The tin foil really works!

If you are looking to have slipcovers made I cannot recommend Laura enough.  She's professional, amazingly creative, listens, and was so quick to turn out these lovely slips for me.

I love seeing my old pieces with a new look!

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  1. so beautiful, she's elevated her craft to an art form!

  2. I'm a slipcover junkie too! I have them everywhere in my house. However, mine are not custom made like yours. Yours are just beautiful! My sister uses that tin foil trick too. I had never heard of it before until she used it. It's so funny, because I'll go over to her house and compliment her home (as it is always fixed so pretty) and then notice the tin foil on her sofa and say, love what you've done with the sofa!??? Hey, if it works, that's all that matters!

  3. Everything looks so lovely. The chair is so romantic now and the settee is gorgeous.

  4. Wow, I love them. And the foil works great to keep my dog off.

  5. Oh my - her needlework is stunning! J

  6. Beautiful! Absolutely perfect in every way!


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