It's the end of the world...

No, kidding.  No apocalyptic events planned here, but WOW! the library project is officially underway!

I know.  I will give you a moment to let that sink in...

It all began with the painting of the library ceiling this morning.  That is, I had paint from a company who offered to give me a gallon to try out and write about it...but in my extreme excitement over the whole thing I gave them the name of the wrong colour.

It's a dark, midnight blue and I was going for something more like this:

So, because I have to contact the company and tell them what a bubble head I am, I went ahead and picked a similar colour instead...

(Once I have another gallon of paint I will choose something special to use it on, and then give you my review of their product.)
In the middle of all that lovely blue/grayness this will sit:

I know, second time to post this picture, but I love this thing!

Travis has the center desk built, it still needs to be trimmed out...

We will resume work on this room tomorrow- hoping to get the flanking cabinets built for the sides of the desk and give you some insight to how Travis and I design together.

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