This & that...

I have been wrapping up a major paint job for a client, and then a sign for another client.  I am meeting with three new clients for consults tomorrow, plus an install for a grouping of wall baskets for another client.

Busy.  But loving it!

Violet has been dealing not only with the reverse sneezing, but has now developed a cough/gag thing since her dental on Monday.  Today I called the vet and they recommended Benadryl.....

So sleepy....
 Poor Jack has resorted to catching up on his lost sleep during the day...

This is not the doxie you are looking for...
On another note...I am a pioneer for Happify, and have been working on participating in activities that allow me to grow in the ways I appreciate the things around me.  I have spent the better part of 6 months working on this and thinking about "what's my why" in this world.  Yesterday I was on-line and ran across this amazing video of what I can only describe as a young man who is wise beyond his young years.  Make the time to watch this- you won't regret it.  I think my favourite line is when he says, "You don't have to find out your dying to start living your life".   I love that sentiment and make it a priority each day to find joy in the little things and take the time to savor them.  I think Zach was a brilliant young man and knew at a very young age what I am finally learning at the age of 44.


  1. I think the young man that wrote and sang that song just lost his battle with cancer yesterday. Thank you for sharing it along with all of your other lovely posts. I am a DIY "Widow"... my hubby hates to even help me hang a picture, so I applaud your teamwork with a very patient and loving hubby. Can't wait to see how the gatehouse turns out!
    G Woolwine
    Queen Creek, AZ

    1. He did, so sad and such an amazing young man.

  2. Loved Zach - he was an inspiration. RIP.


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