Bird is the word...

Last night after dinner we headed out to Hobby Lobby to search for the bird.  What I am now affectionately referring to as "that damned bird" because people, birds are not easy to find.  At least not when you have a certain bird in mind, as in a copy cat version of the bird you saw perched on a bed that you are trying to copy!

Armed with my trusty assistant Sara, we set off to find the bird.

I had no idea how hard we would be laughing by the end of this shopping trip.  Maybe it was the glass of wine I had at dinner, or the fact that Travis and Sara went out of there way to point out any ridiculous bird they could find, but we laughed ourselves silly.

Here are the runners up for bird on a headboard:

A balance bird.  Oh sure, it's all fun and games until it loses it's balance and hits you in the head in the middle of the night causing you to flail your arms and think you have woken up in a Hitchcock movie.

I don't even know what to say about this one.  Eagle needs some anger management classes.  Either that or he is trying to get into the game Angry Birds.

Well, Speak of the devil.  Mr.Angry Bird himself.  I love that there is a 'press here' option so if you are tucked in at night you can imagine you are in the game and about to be catapulted into a building or something.

This was Sara's pick, because it was purple.  I think at this point I told her she was fired.  Her response was "You can't fire me, I'm your daughter!"  Point made.

Oh lordy.  All I could envision was the voice of the parrot from Aladdin.   Nobody could sleep through that!

In the end we ended up with a lovely metal bird similar to the one I envisioned on the headboard.  It's heavy, but Travis assures me he can attach it to the headboard.  Either that or I will end up with a concussion and wake up to find that this headboard building adventure was all dream.


  1. Too funny! Glad you found what you wanted! I'm sure it will look cute perched on your headboard. Certain hubby will anchor it well, so it does NOT land in the bed with you both!!

    1. Oh yes, my clock is being hung as we speak!! And being hung somewhere I did not envision when I bought it. My how plans change!

    2. Awesome! Cannot wait to see where it ended up :) Decorating is so fun that way!

  2. Too funny! The bird you found is very cute. World Market has some cute wood birds right now. They have a white wash finish and are sitting on little pedastals. I think they are part of the Victorian Collection (or something like that).

    1. Lisa- Ooooh good to know! Never thought of looking there!


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