The watchman...

I've always said that our son Hunter was an old soul.  He sees the beauty in the smallest things, is the first to show appreciation, and just blows me away with his keen observations of the world.  One thing he has always been drawn to is clocks and watches.  When he was just six years old he asked us for a pocket watch.  "One with a chain" was his request.  He carried that pocket watch everywhere and loved to pull it out and check the time for anyone who asked.  I guess his appreciation of time pieces must have come from me.  Our entry way sports a vintage watchmakers cabinet and one of Travis' holiday gifts to me was a watchmaker's case that was brought over here from Germany.  There is just something about the passing of time- how we spend it and how fleeting it is that fascinates me.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Jord watch company to try out one of their lovely wood watches, and of course my first thought of who should have one was Hunter.  He poured over the website and carefully selected his watch- the Fieldcrest in black.

We carefully measured his wrist (14 cm) and Jord sized it just perfectly for him.

Every day he asked if his special watch had come in the mail and I was so excited to call him last week to let him know it had arrived.  He was in Dallas visiting cousins, but the minute he walked in the door he wanted to try it on.  These photos were taken less than thirty minutes of him gettting home...

Working with Jord was a wonderful experience.  The quality of the watch is just beautiful and Hunter proudly sporting his new timepiece.
Wood Watch

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  1. A beautiful time piece. Enjoy it Hunter.

  2. That is a beautiful watch. Hunter is a very lucky young man.


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