Shaggy Dog Eats- a giveaway...

A very good friend of mine has written a fabulous cookbook for dog treats.  We have had so much fun over the holidays baking treats for Jack & Violet, and they have given every recipe so far a resounding two paws up!

Our last homeschool book club book was A Dog's Purpose, so the kids got together and along with book club discussion we made treats for our furry friends...

Today I am giving away a copy of Christy's book, Shaggy Dog Eats  Just leave me a comment telling me about your dog and what he/she means to you.  Sara will be choosing a winner on Friday- and I will ship your book out to you pronto!

Good Luck!


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  2. Josie the Goldendoodle and LuLuPoodle are my besties clothed in FUR! They jump up and down excited with me (without even knowing why) and they will lick my tears if I need to have a cry! lol <3

  3. I have two goldendoodles and I'd do anything for them. I'd love this cookbook.

  4. Mia, our Pomeranian means constant entertainment and Alleydog, our Chuweenie means a forever bed buddy who crawls under the covers to sleep next to you. Our house wouldn't be the same without them!

  5. Ginny is our sweet lab/shepherd mix who thinks she weighs 5 lbs and fits in my lap. Baxter is our wild and crazy wheaten terrier mix who loves to bark at everything - especially squirrels! They would love some homemade treats. :)

  6. We found our Maltipoo running in the street with wire around his neck. We scooped him up, no owner came forward and so we named him Benji. He will be our only child and a forever puppy based on his size. He is the first thing we wake up too, our mid day happiness when home for lunch and our evening fun. We can't imagine life without him.

  7. We have 3 doggies. Our first is Romeo, a valentine gift from my hubby about 8 years ago (celebrating our 19th anniversary this year). We never had a dog, he hated dogs, but fell in love with Romeo a tweenie doxie! Then came Sweetpea 1 year later 'cuz Romeo needed a friend. Sweetpea is also a doxie, longhair, and she is that a little Sweetie Pea!! Then I started volunteering at a no kill animal shelter. Every week I wanted one of the little doggies that came in. Finally we rescued Buttercup (named after Princess Buttercup in Princess Bride, my favorite movie). Buttercup is a yellow lab that was dumped in a field. We love Buttercup so very, very, much. There you have it, my wonderful, don't know what I would do without my doggies.

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  8. Our Harry-Beast is a wild boy but we're stuck on him like glue! He does not eat as much as our last laid-back Golden so it would be fun to make some real treats for him and see if he'd prefer homemade! Thanks for the giveaway ladies :)

  9. Our Charlie is a rescue pup and I could not imagine our life without him! He is a Pomeranian mixed with who knows what. He looks like a little fox and has a cute little poof on his tail! I LOVE LOVE this little guy. He loves to cuddle, go on walks and knows various words like Treat, Walk, Cuddles, Sleepy sleepy, night night. He smells amazing most of the time because he gets a bath once a week as well as getting his teeth brushed with his special doggy toothpaste and his own oral B brush head. Did I mention that he loves to have his fur blow dried too! Thanks to your mom for writing such a great blog! Much Love, Jackie Graham Caroline and Charlie

  10. Gracie Marie was a dream before
    she was a reality. Our Great Dane
    mix, Winnie, died when my daughter
    was 5, and we promised her another
    dog when she was 10. I researched
    and researched to find the one that
    would be perfect for our family. That
    perfect dog came into our life when my
    daughter was 9.5 years old. Now Gracie
    Marie is 10.5 years old and my daughter
    is a sophomore in college, missing her
    dog dearly. I'm so happy to have Gracie
    here to keep me company. She's truly
    "the heartbeat at my feet." Love your
    sweet cookbook and would be honored
    to win a copy!

    xo Suzanne

    PS: Gracie Marie is a Toy Fox Terrier,
    who weighs 7.5 pounds. A big departure
    from Winnie, the Dane mix, who weighed
    100 pounds : )

  11. We have two boxers, a male and female, Murphy and Lucy, who are everything to us and then some!

    When we lived in Germany years ago we got our first boxer, Tank. At first, he was more for me as I spent many nights (weeks and years) at home while my (Army) husband was in the field training or deployed. He was my constant companion and got me thru many lonely nights, but ended up being sort of a therapy dog for my husband as well. He was a Christmas baby born on Christmas day and we always celebrated his birthday right along with our Christmas celebrations. In November 2013 Tank became sick with a brain tumor. We lost him the day after Christmas and his birthday... We were all heartbroken and devastated, to include his "baby" sister, Lucy, our 6 year old boxer. At first we said we weren't going to get another dog for a long while. However, as the days went by we started feeling as if we needed to do just that. We prayed and prayed about it and finally decided to get another. In February we brought our youngest, Murphy, home. We all instantly fell in love and he has been such a joy and has healed our hearts like we never could have imagined... even Lucy's! He was definitely an answer to our prayers and the perfect addition to our family!! He's a huge clown who makes us laugh often, but a wonderful snuggle buddy and quiet just when we need it most. For Murphy's first birthday I made a pup friendly cake and also homemade treats. We love to make treats for our pups, and since losing our first it's become increasingly important to know just what is in them! Thank you so much for having this giveaway!

  12. Thank you everyone, Sara loved reading the descriptions of your lovely dogs and how you came to make them a part of your family :)


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