Tiny Tudor Christmas...

Almost all of our holiday decorations are still in storage.  It's the last thing we need to go through and clear out, but because of Travis' work schedule we just didn't get to it last month.  I have a basket that I keep the stockings, vintage post cards, and a few holiday trimmings in.   Instead of trying to go through that storage shed, or go buy more decorations, I just decided to decorate with what I had on hand.

I didn't even use everything that was in the basket...

The kids when they were little...

Travis did go out and buy a 4' potted tree.  We set it in an old Vitner bucket and I decorated it with white lights, vintage post cards and some wooden candy canes I had in the basket.  The tree can be planted outside after the holidays.

This is the first year that we didn't have a kid in the house to write to Santa asking for Nikolaus the elf to visit.   I went ahead and put him out to oversee the holidays...

I see lots of commercials for stuff, but we don't need stuff.  I haven't "stuff" shopped since we moved in- partly because space is at a premium, but mostly because we just don't need anything.  The kids have everything they need- our focus is on experiences.  Activities we can do, time spent together, and new places to see.  Those are the things I want to give my kids, my husband and myself.

Another thing we do is pick a word for the year.  Resolutions are not something that are usually followed through, but a word is something we can do.   As a family we are talking about what our word for the year will be, so far we have come up with, Simplify,  Explore, and Patience as options.

What word would you choose?


  1. I'm not decorating nearly as much. Our stuff is hidden away because we are trying to sell our house. I'm afraid that I will make a big mess trying to find them, hah. I like your little tree and your house already looks nice.

  2. I think on this life journey
    we come to this "stuff"
    realization as our birdies
    begin leaving the nest. We
    are traveling this year for
    Christmas, so I'm using a
    very light hand for decorating,
    as I don't want to come home
    and have to unpack luggage
    AND take down a lot of X-mas
    decorations. I love how pretty
    your little house looks and how
    it reflects your love of family.

    Next year's word? I'm thinking
    REALIZE....as in, realize dreams
    and recognize blessings : )

    Happy Wednesday,
    xo Suzanne

  3. When we moved across the country, our decorations ended up in the storage facility by mistake. We ended up using what we had with a few additions. I find myself inspired by that experience and I use less and less 'stuff' every year.

    Your home looks lovely.

  4. Your little tree is delightful! I agree, less stuff is more-so much so that I left most of the Christmas decorations in their boxes this year and only pulled out what I really wanted. And my favorite of those words is Explore. Our family doesn't seem to do enough of that!


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