An interior window awning...

I'm the vision on our diy team.  I could see this piece before it was built.  Sara's window needed a bit of visual interest, and I knew that adding this striped awning would give it just that.

Travis started out using 1/2 inch cabinet grade plywood.  He measured the window and decided to come out 8 inches from the wall for the lower part of the awning and 3 inches out from each side of the window.  We wanted it to hang out a bit, but not block a lot of light from her room.  The side pieces were cut four inches at the top and eight inches at the bottom to give it a slope.

Travis used a 2x4 on the top piece (brace) to give it a bit more support in hanging it.

Once the sides were attached to the front, he cut another piece of wood for the very bottom of the awning front.  Then used a template and his skillsaw to cut the scallops.

The entire piece got a good sanding...

Then it was time to tape and paint.  We wanted to give it black and white stripes, so Travis taped off each piece lined up with the 4 inch scallops...

And this is the result...

Travis used four inch screws to secure the awning to the rafters.  He wanted to be sure that this piece didn't come crashing down...

I may add a fun little rug to her room, but for now this room is "finished"...


  1. Wow! This is FANTASTIC!!! I absolutely love the matching stripes with the bed skirt! The room looks beautiful!:)

    1. Thank you! It seems to tie the room together ;)

  2. That really looks cute. I bet she loves her new room.


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