Acorn painting...

I had the chance to get away over the weekend, and I came back feeling a bit more recharged.  Dallas was lovely, and my hostess had some lovely land and trees to explore.  At one point I was walking and heard something loud come crashing down near my head- I think the squirrels were entertaining themselves by throwing acorns at me.

You know what they say, "When life throws you acorns..."

Paint them.

So I did.  I started out with three lovely colours of Country Chic Paint- Brandy, Rustic Charm, and a new not yet named shade of buttercream yellow.  I thought that the acorns would look lovely on a Thanksgiving table.

Small project, but I like using a bit of nature when decorating the table for Thanksgiving.   Plus, nothing is more relaxing than sitting painting acorns while sipping a hot cup of tea :)


  1. what a cute idea. At first I was thinking it was going to be a painting...duh.

  2. Ha! It would be a stick figure acorn if that was the case! I am so not artistic that way ;)


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