Happy notes...

When Sara and I started painting signs for The Happy Soul Project it became obvious to me that aside from the painting, Sara's absolutely favourite part of the entire process was the wrapping and addressing of each sign.

"Where is it going?"

"Who is it for?"

"Do they have Down Syndrome too?"

The only thing that she loves more is when people post pictures to Instagram or Facebook of their child with the signs we make.  I think for Sara she enjoys the creative process, but the real joy lies in the giving.  And who can fault her for that?  Giving is a good thing.  So the opportunity to use some thank you notes by Tiny Prints was the perfect addition to an already perfect "job".  Sara loves to sit and write out a small thank you to each person who purchases one of our Happy Soul Project signs...

My main focus at this point is to ensure that Sara is doing something worthwhile, and that we are spreading the message that people with Down Syndrome are productive members of society.   Ocotober is Down Syndrome Awareness month, and while I think people are pretty aware of Down Syndrome, I think the emphasis needs to be more on acceptance.

Sara wants what any other adult wants- she wants purpose, a job, something to call her own and take pride in.  Painting signs does just that, and the thank you notes we send out mean so much more than the few sentences Sara writes on each one.

So thank you to each of you who have purchased a sign and given Sara a chance to spread a little happy...

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  1. It's good for everyone to be thankful. It's warms the heart and I know we are truly better people for it. Sara has learned such a valuable trait AND sharing happiness to boot!!! P.S. I love her signs and the positive messages.


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