Master bathroom...

Our master bathroom is 4x8.  Yep, 4x8.  In Texas the trend in newer homes is that you have master bathrooms large enough to host a dinner party in them.  I'm not even kidding.  

Back in 1971 when this Nasa community was established they let the same engineers who designed the rockets design the bathrooms of the town homes we live in.  I am kidding.  Sort of.

Here is the master bath before we gutted it:

And here is the after:

Light is an outdoor lantern from Home Depot...

White subway tile with grey grout, floor tile is small octagons...
 I never could find a mirror I loved, but instead I found this tray/mirror that I loved.  It works perfectly for this tiny space...
Mirror/tray is from Homegoods...
 We also could not find a vanity that we liked at a price we wanted, so Travis built the vanities for both the bathrooms...

 I love how the tile looks next to the wood floors...

Here is the breakdown of what we spent on this tiny master remodel.  We did save some money by doing the plumbing and drywall ourselves...

Tile:  $850
Toilet & Sink:  $260
Wood for vanity:  $35
Faucet for sink and shower:  $215
Shower door:  $890
Mirror/Tray from Homegoods:  $40
Lantern from Home Depot:  $25

Total spent:  $2,315


  1. That turned out nicely!! Mine is even smaller, 3 1/2 x 7 including the shower. I'm just glad to have it. I have seen people walk into large masterbaths on HGTV and complain about how small they are. It always amazes me.

    1. WOW! That is teensy tiny! And yep, we are very glad to have it ;)

  2. I love it! Every single detail. i have a texas sized bathroom, and i'm not complaining here, just stating the facts, that every day i mutter to myself that i wish the builder had put less room in the bathroom and more in the kids' rooms. seriously. to me a smaller bathroom is less to clean. thanks too for breaking down the costs and keeping it real. looks like you spend ten grand. i love it to pieces...including the hanger used for a towel rack and the olive bin under the sink. cant wait to see your next reveal :)

    1. I said the same thing about our last bathroom. I would have rather had more closet space or room for the kids. I think men design these things!

  3. It looks great! We are planning our bathroom updates now. Thanks for including costs. I was working on the budget spread sheet this morning and things are getting a little expensive but after seeing your costs, my prices are pretty accurate. Who did you use for your shower door?

    1. We used Baytex glass and they were so easy to work with! I kept looking at our price breakdown and thinking, "It's only a 4x8 shower!" Everything is about two times more than what you think it's going to be. Good luck with your renovations!


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