Final kitchen design...

We gave our final okay for the kitchen design and put our order in for the cabinets.  Kraftmaid is running 35 days out, so ours should be delivered on July 25th and installed that next week.

We went with the shaker style cabinet in mushroom...

same, but with the plain flat panel on the upper drawer...
The faucet is from Wayfair...

The countertops are honed Carrara marble...

The sink is a Shaw from Overstock.com...

This light from Amazon.com will hang over the sink...

The kitchen, along with the rest of the front of the house will be getting new windows.  We wanted to stick with the original crank windows, so Pella was our choice...

No upper cabinets, just open shelving above the sink area...very simple detailing, and no fussiness.   This is going to be a very streamlined and super efficient kitchen.  9 x 12 is not a lot of room to work with, especially when it only has a single door opening!

The appliances are very simple- including a freezerless refrigerator (we have a full size fridge/freezer in the garage for ice) dishwasher, and a 30 inch drop in stove/oven.   All appliances are from Lowes...

The wall behind the stove will be tiled in 3x6 white subway tile all the way to the ceiling...

For those of you wondering about the budget on this kitchen remodel- it was $18k.  I'm being honest about that here, because we really thought it would be much less considering the fact that our kitchen was so tiny, but as it turned out that didn't translate to lower costs as much as we thought it would.   I love reading about other's remodel projects, and always appreciate it when they include budget/item costs.  We are really wanting to stay in this house until Travis retires, 20 or 25 years from now, so the choices we are making are classic ones that should stand the test of time- and hopefully prevent me from getting the moving itch!

Be sure to follow along on Instagram.  Our new front door went in yesterday and I posted pictures there.


  1. I love all of the selections you have made. Thank you for all the information it really puts things into perspective when considering a kitchen remodel. Can't wait to see it when it's finished.

  2. dying. over. your. choices. they are spot on lovely! and I love that new door. going to google the company right now. I've been wanting a new one forever but one guy quoted me 5k and another 3K...like they drive in our neighborhood and start adding zeros. can a door really cost that much? gulp. i'm scared to even ask.

  3. Ack! No! The door was $2400 installed.

  4. Your kitchen will be lovely! One year ago, we completed an IKEA kitchen, and we love it! Our space is an 8 ft. by 8 ft. galley kitchen. Hubby and I did absolutely everything ourselves from gutting the space to installing the cabinets, planked ceiling, flooring, IKEA farmhouse sink, butcher block counters, white subway tiles, plumbing, electrical etc. We chose the white IKEA cabinets. We do not have a window on our sink wall, (The window is on the end of the kitchen), so we installed a row of glass-fronted cabinets on this wall, right up to the ceiling. (As do all the cabinets) This really opened up the kitchen visually in a wonderful way.

    We kept our existing white stove and smaller white fridge. We chose not to install a dishwasher. So we only had to buy a new microwave for over the stove. Our little kitchen is so charming! It is very efficient and has all the storage that I need. We came in under our $5,000 budget, spending $4,800 cash.

  5. PS We also downsized from a 2,800 sq. ft. home to a 1000 sq. ft. townhouse here in Minneapolis. We love it! (Our four children are grown with families and homes of their own.) We are currently remodeling our bathroom.

  6. I love the idea of a freezer less fridge.I have never found a combo I like or that works for our family.Great idea!

  7. I love all your choices! You have such good taste. :)

  8. Your choices are impeccable Tricia, and will indeed stand the test of time. I love everything you've chosen, and it's going to look soooooo classy when it all comes together!

  9. I would be interested in learning more about your Carrara marble countertops. I love the beauty of this marble but read it has cons too. What are your thoughts on choosing this kind of countertop?


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